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"Completo, Paspas ug Sigo"

Autoglass.Ph is the leading provider of autoglass in Visayas and Mindanao.

Our Products


Why Autoglass.Ph?

Autoglass.Ph Inc. is your first choice supplier of automotive glass in Visayas and Mindanao.

No other company has a more complete stock of automotive and vehicle glass. All our auto glass products carry the ICC and PS marks to assure you that we are the ultimate source of quality and safe glass.

We have high quality products such as Windshields, Doorglass and Backglass. We have Fully Tempered Glass, Zone Tempered Glass, Laminated Safety Glass, Multi – Layered Glass, Sealant, Channels, and Acrylic Plastic for your vehicle.

Do you have a unique vehicle? Not to worry, just send us a picture and the details of your car and we can source the glass you need.

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AUTOMOTIVE GLASS: Autoglass.Ph Inc. has top quality glass to ensure your safe journey to near and far places. We have glass for American, European, Japanese and other Asian car and truck models.

BUS: Autoglass.Ph Inc. has top quality glass for buses. Durable and clear, we carry glass for a variety of bus models.

SEALANTS AND ADHESIVES: Autoglass.Ph Inc.  has top quality sealants and polyurethanes that are durable and are the prescribed adhesive for your vehicle glass applications.

FLAT SAFETY LAMINATED: Autoglass.Ph Inc. has top quality safety glass and is available in different shapes and sizes. All safety glass is durable and clear.

ACRYLIC SHEETS: Autoglass.Ph Inc. has top quality Acrylic Plastic with beautiful effects and vivid colors.



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